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I HUMbly (I can’t help myself) invite you to join the 2014 HUM CSA!

IMG_2352You can find more information than you could ever desire about that here, 2014 HUM CSA. But in a nutshell:

At HUM, CSA stands for Community Supported Adventure. I’m supporting your adventure in trying natural, handmade body products that are good for you and good for the environment. You are supporting my adventure in starting a small business.

The HUM CSA is a quarterly delivery of natural, handmade body products to your house for a year. I’m just starting my Etsy shop and you can check out some of my products at this link.


By ordering these products as part of the CSA you save 20% and save on shipping over ordering the items individually.

As a thank you I’ll also give you two 25% off coupons to use at the Etsy shop.

Did you know that HUM started as a CSA last year? The 21 brave souls that participated gave me the feedback necessary to get HUM to where it is today. And my Hummers and I had such a great time I thought I’d try it again and you are officially invited.

I hope you’ll check it out (again, lots of information here: 2014 HUM CSA and here: HUM Etsy Shop) and feel free to contact me with any questions or to participate, humbodyproducts(at)gmaildotcom.