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Instead of telling you more about WHAT Hum is, I thought I’d take a minute to tell you WHY Hum is.

I started Hum because I’ve been making my own body products for more than ten years. Other things in life being what they were… I needed a project that let me be creative, allowed me to learn, and got me excited in that way that you entirely lose track of time and get lost in a project. I think of that as a time when I am “humming”.

But I’ve realized that Hum is also my small contribution to the type of world I want to live in.

I want to live in a world where people turn to each other to help solve problems and meet the daily necessities of life. When I need help with a sewing project or advice about buying a house or want to learn how to play guitar I turn to my network of friends, family, neighbors and broader community. I also want to be able to turn to my network when making daily purchases.

Shopping at a place like Target sure is convenient, and often times affordable. And, believe me, I’ve made my fair share of trips to Target. But it often leaves me thinking about the excess packaging, chemicals, and general junk that is a part of that experience. For me it’s a fun challenge to think how I can replace those everyday items with sources that come from my friends, family, neighbors and broader community.

So when I need new soap dishes or bowls I turn to my neighbor of Crabtree Ceramics. When I need beeswax for Hum I turn to my friend Kate of Old Mill Candles. For jewelry I turn to my friend Leigh of Leigh Onkka Jewelry and her husband Al of Onkka Bags for all my bag and luggage needs. I make many things myself (like laundry soap) and simplify where I can (like baking soda and apple cider vinegar for washing my hair).

For me, Hum is my way of adding to this community web. It’s part of putting my money where my values are and simplifying my life of packaging and chemicals.

When you – my friends, family, neighbors and community – need simple, luxurious everyday body products you can now turn to me. You can know who you are supporting and really know what you are buying and what you are putting on your body.

I hope I can be part of your community web. Next time you think, “Dang these chapped lips!” Hopefully you’ll think of me!