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I have been obsessed with small containers since I was a child. I used to buy myself little glass bottles with corks from the store down the street. They served absolutely no purpose, being too small to actually hold anything. I was not yet using eye serums at that time…

I also have a strong aversion to little plastic containers. You know the ones your chapstick came in, or that little dab of eye cream, the little sample of this or that. Sometimes they feel unavoidable. I end up holding on to them, trying to reuse them, saving them for a rainy day. And I know I’m not alone since two of my Hum participants have given or offered me little plastic jars of one sort or another figuring I’d know what to do with them.

What this adds up to is the most fun monthly challenge of finding just the right packaging for the delivery. My ultimate goal is to avoid plastic 100% (or 99.9%). But for now, I’m experimenting.

DSCF9769In January and March I used paper mache containers. This worked fine for some people and the eco-friendliness was appreciated. Some people like the aesthetic. For others, it didn’t work as well if they wanted to throw the product in their bag and carry it around. The lid came off, the cream popped out, etc.

In February I used metal tins with a clear plastic insert in the lid. These won’t be a permanent container because I bought them at a surplus store in the Twin Cities called Ax Man. What a fun place to find containers! But of course you never know how many there will be or if they’ll be there again.

I love using these re-purposed containers. Please trust that it’s overstock, so they are not actually used. They are diverted from the landfill and I sterilize them.


Metal containers are a common option for beauty products and they are definitely more cost effective than glass. While I don’t love the mining involved, I do love that they can be recycled.



For April I hit a home run at Ax Man. They had airline packages of three ounce containers from United Airlines and it included spray bottles, which I had been on the hunt for. I now know I can find them at Target, but this is even better because I’m reusing!


Between this beautiful stash of bottles and some cute little glass viles I was able to put together my facial mist and eye serum. I think they looked pretty fancy once I got the labels and decorative tape on.



Henry likes to explore and discuss the containers with me. April got his waddle stamp of approval.