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This month I made a grapefruit and lavender hand salve and an orange and lemon sugar scrub. That’s beeswax that I’m about to drop in.


I love the green of the grapeseed oil in this picture with the creamy white of the shea butter.

While the packaging and labeling gave me some grief, and will continue to until I figure some things out, making the products was really fun. Weighing the ingredients on my scale, stirring them slowly over a low flame, testing samples on my hands until they were so greasy I had to move up my arms, my head filled with the scent of lavender and grapefruit.

When Will got home after 11pm he was shocked to see me still awake (I’m usually in bed before 10pm). And I immediately enlisted him as my tester. Does this smell too strong or too weak? I think I added too much lavender, what do you think? Here, give me your arm, I need to see if the consistency is right. He obliged.


I’m experimenting with paper mache containers this month. Honestly, when I poured the hot salve in I didn’t know if the container was going to explode or melt or if the hot oil would leak through. Luckily, none of the above happened. A little grease leaked over the sides on a few containers but otherwise it worked. In the picture above you can see the still liquid salve in the front and the cooled salve in the back.

The sugar scrub was a little bonus and is super easy to make. Just take about 1 cup of sugar, 1/2 cup of oil (I used almond oil but olive oil would work) and a slice or two of lemon and orange. Blend it in your food processor and enjoy. You might need to add more sugar, depending on the consistency you like. After some experimenting I found that I preferred more rind than pulp and juice, so I took my slices from the very end of the fruit. Because it’s fresh fruit I wondered about whether it would mold, but after about a month sitting out at my house it still smells and works as good as ever.